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Pay the right taxes, Marcos urges public

Bron: www.philstar.com Filipijnen , 2023-02-07 18:00:00 , philstar.com - RSS Headlines [ad_1] Alexis Romero - The Philippine StarFebruary 8, 2023 | 12:00am MANILA, Philippines — President Marcos called on the public yesterday to pay the right amount of taxes on time as he ordered revenue officials to work to achieve people’s confidence in the tax system. “I encourage the public to pay the correct amount of taxes on time to support the country’s economic recovery and expansion so critical in this time,” Marcos said during the tax campaign launching held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City. “It is my hope that you will continue to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate with the government on how to improve the experience of our tax collection system,” he added. Marcos expressed confidence that the synergy between the government and taxpayers would give rise to more opportunities for growth as the country is recovering from the adverse impacts of the pandemic. He directed officials of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to enhance tax collection efficiency by pursuing their digitalization efforts. “As we move forward to the future, the importance of utilizing modern and updated technology to ensure a more tax efficient collection becomes absolutely imperative. It is my hope that the bureau will continue its commitment to pursuing and upgrading its digitalization programs,” the President said. Marcos also challenged BIR personnel to work toward further gaining the confidence of the public in the tax system by “upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and competence in the performance of your duties.” “I assure the BIR that this administration will always give its support in your aspiration of developing a country that is conducive for employment opportunities, financial investments and institution-building,” he said. Marcos lauded the BIR for its efforts to run after tax evaders. In 2022, a total of 115 cases were filed before the justice department amounting to P5.1 billion in tax liability, while 38 cases were filed before the Court of Tax Appeals amounting to P5.32 billion in estimated tax liability. The Oplan Kandado program also enabled the BIR to collect P550 million, Marcos said. The bureau’s tax compliance drive, Marcos said, resulted in the collection of more than P250 million last year. Luxury goods tax Marcos expressed support for House Bill 6993, which aims to impose higher taxes on luxury goods. Marcos said the current tax imposed on luxury goods only covers specific items whose demand remains the same regardless of the economic situation. “For the rest of us who are not necessarily consumers of luxury goods, we feel the slowdown in the economy. If we look at the luxury items, the luxury cars, designer apparel and bags, the prices do not change because the rich people buy them,” the President said. “I think it’s reasonable that we will tax the consumption side of those who are consuming luxury items,” he added. Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, principal author of the bill, has said the government could generate P15.5... Lees meer

A Prison of the Mind: Lukashenka’s Pursuit of Exiled Belarusians

Bron: tol.org Kirgizië , 2023-02-03 22:13:39 , Transitions [ad_1] The EU should invest more to support Belarus’s community of emigres – through whom a different future for the country is possible. The post A Prison of the Mind: Lukashenka’s Pursuit of Exiled Belarusians appeared first on Transitions. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van tol.org - Kirgizië

The Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Rehab programs

Bron: kagay-an.com Filipijnen , 2023-02-02 09:38:38 , Kagay An [ad_1] The Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP) program is designed to help patients who are struggling with addiction to substances such as alcohol, drugs, or gambling. The program provides a safe and structured environment in which patients can receive the treatment and support they need to overcome their addiction. IOP programs typically last for 12 weeks and involve group therapy, individual counseling, and other support services. The program is flexible, which means that patients can continue to work or attend school while attending the program. IOP programs have been shown to be effective in treating addiction and helping patients maintain long-term sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, consider enrolling in an IOP program. What is Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation? Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP) is a program designed to help those struggling with addiction to substances such as drugs, alcohol, or gambling. It is a structured program that can last up to 12 weeks and includes a variety of treatment methods such as group therapy, individual counseling, and other support services. This program is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can receive the treatment they need to overcome their addiction. The program is designed to be flexible, so individuals can maintain their normal activities such as work or school while attending. What are the benefits of Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs? Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs can provide numerous benefits to those struggling with addiction. The most significant benefit of IOP is the structure and support that it provides. The program allows individuals to be held accountable and provides guidance from experienced counselors and therapists. Having the support of experienced professionals can be incredibly beneficial in helping individuals overcome their addictions. Additionally, the program offers an opportunity for individuals to connect with others in similar situations, who can provide further support and guidance. IOP programs have also been demonstrated to be effective in assisting individuals in maintain long-term sobriety. How can you find an Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program? There are a number of different types of programs available to those seeking IOP treatment. It is important to find one that is the right fit for you or your loved one. If you are seeking an IOP program, you should start by researching local programs and facilities. Make sure to ask detailed questions to ensure that the program you choose is the right one for you or your loved one. Additionally, you should be sure to check out any reviews that may be available for the programs you are considering. Your primary care provider or a mental health professional can also provide referrals for appropriate IOP programs. Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation programs can be a beneficial resource for those struggling with addiction. The program offers structure and support from experienced professionals and helps individuals connect with others who can provide additional support. Furthermore, IOP programs have been proven effective in helping individuals maintain long-term sobriety. If you or someone... Lees meer

Former Macau The 13 operator to delist from the Hong Kong Stock … – Asia Gaming Brief

Bron: news.google.com Macau , 2023-02-02 01: 46: 06 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] Former Macau The 13 operator to delist from the Hong Kong Stock ... Asia Gaming Brief [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van news.google.com - Macau

The Curse of ‘Yordim’: Why Israeli Jews Are Leaving the Country

Bron: www.palestinechronicle.com Palestina , 2023-01-31 21: 57: 27 , Articles Archives - Palestine Chronicle [ad_1] The departure of Jewish immigrants from Israel is not a new phenomenon. (Photo: Rakoon, via Wikimedia Commons) By Palestine Chronicle StaffFollowing the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine on February 24, a large number of Jews decided to immigrate to Israel under the so-called Israeli Law of Return, which allows every Jewish person in the world to immigrate to Israel and acquire citizenship. At the end of 2022, the Jewish Agency published data regarding the number of new immigrants who arrived in Israel, boasting that the country welcomed around 70,000 new immigrants, the largest number of immigrants in 23 years. Expectedly, most of these newcomers arrived from Ukraine and Russia.  The problem for Israel, however, is not with new immigrants, but rather with the phenomenon known in Hebrew as ‘Yordim’ – ‘Yerida’ means ‘descent’ – a term used to describe Jews who leave the Jewish state.  According to Israeli statistics, two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, about 1,800 Russian Jews – out of the 5,600 who benefited from the ‘Law of Return’ – actually returned to Moscow with their Israeli passports. This means that a third of the Russian Jews who arrived in Israel rushed to leave the country.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYla4M0OU3Y[/embed] Following the November elections, which resulted in the formation of the most extremist government in Israel’s history, the number of Israeli citizens who sought European citizenship significantly increased.  For example, Israelis applying for French citizenship increased by 13 percent; Portuguese authorities recorded a 68% increase in citizenship applications from Israelis, and the Polish and German authorities recorded a 10% increase in the same applications over the past two months. The departure of Jewish immigrants from Israel is not a new phenomenon.  Between 1948-1950, 10% of Jewish immigrants promptly left the newly established state.  To slow down the reversed immigration, the Israeli government enacted tough measures often denying exit visas to Israeli applicants. Despite the restrictions, by 1967 more than 180,000 Israelis had immigrated.  During the 1970s, fears of war, economic stagnation, and strong Palestinian Resistance, a sharp decline in immigration to Israel was recorded, forcing the Jewish Agency to close three immigration centers in the United States alone.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXOulPMnpWo[/embed] In the past decades, the deteriorating security situation was a major reason for reversed immigration, especially during the Palestinian Intifadas – uprisings of 1987 and 2000 – which prompted some immigrants from the former Soviet Union to leave Israel for other countries.  According to the Israeli Hebrew newspaper Maariv, up to 2020, more than 756,000 Jews left Israel to live in other countries. The reasons given include the deterioration of the economic situation, inequality, and disappointment due to the faltering peace settlement with the Palestinians, in addition to the escalation of Palestinian Resistance operations.  It was no coincidence that the number of immigrants from Israel exceeded the number of arrivals to it on more than one occasion during the years between... Lees meer

What’s driving the potato chip shortage and when will it pass?

Bron: www.macaunews.net Macau , 2023-01-30 08: 38: 32 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] Potatoes are among Australia's favourite vegetables. However, we are facing a shortage of processed potatoes, especially of frozen chips. Coles introduced a two-item limit for shoppers seeking frozen potato products. Fish and chip businesses are under pressure and some are outraged McDonald's is launching a new potato product in the middle of a crisis.As with so many staples and fresh produce items in the past two years - lettuce, milk and eggs to name a few - the problem is a temporary imbalance between supply and demand. Read more: Floods, pandemics, wars and market forces: what's driving up the price of milk Soaring demandLet's start with demand, which is soaring.Countries like China are pushing potato consumption as part of their food security policy, and rising urbanisation worldwide is driving up consumption of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook foods.Fast-food chains are cashing in on the opportunity. McDonald's is set to continue its expansion in Australia. In 2020, McDonald's Australia purchased over 133,000 tons of potatoes. With the launch of its potato scallops with chicken salt product, demand for processed potatoes should only increase.Supply won't keep upOn the demand side, potato growers worldwide had to take action against higher cultivation costs.European countries exporting frozen potatoes to Australia are facing much higher energy bills. Many growers sold supplies early in the season to save on storage, which demands a lot of energy to control for temperature and humidity.That means fewer potatoes are available to export as we move into the year.In New Zealand, the main exporter to Australia, vast amounts of rainfall in the past month are set to momentarily reduce yields, as potatoes need dry soil and sunlight before harvest.Australian potato farmers are also struggling with the weather. Central regions to the production of processed potatoes in South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria were hit by extreme weather events in the past few months. Existing crops were lost to floods, and planting new crops was significantly delayed.The pain Australians are feeling now is not new to our neighbours in New Zealand, who had their own "chipocalypse" just a few years ago.In 2017, up to 30% of New Zealand's potato production in some areas was ruined by heavy rain.Recovery is on the way, but...Potato farmers will recover.What we see now is partly a reflection of the inclement weather from two or three months ago. With La Nina predicted to end, fewer floods are expected for 2023.Later this year could well see healthy yields, bringing relief to potato farmers. Give them a full cycle and in about four months current shortages may be over, especially if prices continue to soar.But this will not be the last shortage we will see, thanks to some relatively new factors in the farming landscape.First, small farmers are quitting.The 2020 European Union farm census show consolidation is not slowing, with about 800 farmers quitting the sector every day.In 2021-22 the Australian Bureau of Statistics registered 87,800 agricultural businesses,... Lees meer

The Belgium DJ School nu ook in Antwerpen: “De vraag ernaar was groot” (Antwerpen)

Bron: www.gva.be België: 2023-01-28 23: 45: 13 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Stad [ad_1] Op Tomorrowland draaien is misschien wel de droom van de meeste dj’s. Vooral dan voor de studenten van The Belgium DJ School. Dat is een plek waar beginners maar ook ervaren dj’s terecht kunnen om zowel de technische als de social skills onder de knie te krijgen. Die opleidingen werden vooral in Hasselt gegeven maar ook in Antwerpen is de vraag naar professionele begeleiding groot. Zij kregen daarom een tijdelijke locatie in TRIX. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.gva.be

Enough of the cute- Hong Kongs Year of the Rabbit stamps reflect a taste for tame public art

Bron: www.scmp.com Macau , 2023-01-28 02: 18: 39 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] Some netizens may prefer the citys floral bunny stamps to China Posts mischievous grinning rabbit created by a master artist, but if public art is to inspire rather than bore, originality and dynamism must be nurtured. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.scmp.com - Macau

‘Stop the hate’ online, UN chief pleads on Holocaust Day

Bron: newsinfo.inquirer.net Filipijnen , 2023-01-27 23: 21: 15 , INQUIRER.net [ad_1]   United Nations, United States ---The UN secretary-general warned of social media's role in spreading violent extremism around the globe as he marked Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, urging policy makers to help stop online hate. Antonio Guterres said parts of the internet were turning into "toxic waste dumps for hate and vicious lies" that were driving "extremism from the margins to the mainstream." "Today, I am issuing an urgent appeal to everyone with influence across the information ecosystem," Guterres said at a commemoration ceremony at the United Nations. "Stop the hate. Set up guardrails. And enforce them." He accused social media platforms and advertise...Keep on reading: ‘Stop the hate’ online, UN chief pleads on Holocaust Day [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van newsinfo.inquirer.net - Filipijnen

Why residents of Wuhan, the city where pandemic started, began to question Chinas Covid-19 strategy

Bron: www.scmp.com Macau , 2023-01-24 08: 18: 20 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] In recent months, many Wuhan residents who had taken pride in enduring a strict 76-day lockdown in the early days of Chinas zero-Covid response became more critical of how the epidemic was being handled. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.scmp.com - Macau

The ‘echidna’ strategy to defend Australia

Bron: www.dailymail.co.uk Macau , 2023-01-24 02: 46: 26 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] The 'echidna' strategy to defend Australia: Nation buys 'potent and powerful' sea mines to deter ChinaAustralia to spend up to $1 billion on high-tech sea minesSmart mines distinguish between civilian and military shipsPart of 'echidna' strategy that keeps enemies at a distanceBy David Southwell For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23: 26 GMT, 22 January 2023 | Updated: 23: 35 GMT, 22 January 2023 <!-- <!-- <!-- <!-- <!-- <!-- <!-- Australia will spend $1billion on new high tech sea mines as part of an 'echidna' strategy to defend the country.It's part of an ongoing splurge to beef up the Australian Defence Force to counter the potential threat of China with its bulging military arsenal.The Navy started approaching mine manufacturers to show off their wears in 2021 and Defence sources have told the Sydney Morning Herald that a purchase from a European maker will shortly be announced.  Australia will spend up to $1billion on new sea mines as the nation continues to beef up its military capacity'Defence is accelerating the acquisition of smart sea mines, which will help to secure sea lines of communication and protect Australia's maritime approaches,' the department told news organisation.'A modern sea mining capability is a significant deterrent to potential aggressors.'Australia has not invested in sea mines since the 1960s but they have long been a part of naval strategy to deny enemy ships passage through or into strategic waters.Modern sea mines lie on the ocean floor. They can be laid by ship, submarine or dropped from planes and can be activated or deactivated remotely.They can use acoustic, magnetic and pressure influences to detect and discriminate between surface ships, distinguish between civilian and military craft or between friendly and hostile ships and submersibles from different fleets. Despite their utility and cost effectiveness sea mines are often not seen as a very 'sexy' part of naval warfare, according to eminent Australian strategist ANU professor Hugh White.Sea mines are powerful and potent, but navies are traditionally very reluctant to invest in them,' Professor White said.'There's no glamour in mines.' Modern sea mines come in a variety of different forms and can be adapted for various uses in denying an enemy strategic watersHowever, Naval strategy expert Greg Mapson applauded the move to acquire sea mines when the navy began seeking expressions of interest from the manufacturers.'If there's one sure way to deter adversary surface and subsurface units from approaching our harbours or using our sea lanes, it's the laying of minefields,' he wrote in The Strategist newsletter.'Even in periods of tension, mines provide the flexibility to impose a significant deterrent without causing an all-out confrontation.'  Australia's decision to buy an arsenal of sea mines has been applauded by naval strategy expertsWith such capabilities are a perfect fit for what Defence Minister Richard Marles has labelled Australia's 'echidna' or porcupine strategy, which would see the country develop enough 'spiky' weaponry to keep enemies at a distance.This strategy reflects the... Lees meer

These Are the New Israeli Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting Palestine

Bron: www.palestinechronicle.com Palestina , 2023-01-23 19: 23: 14 , Articles Archives - Palestine Chronicle [ad_1] Palestinians waiting at the Israeli Qalandiya military checkpoint to obtain permits from the Israeli army. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman, The Palestine Chronicle) New Israeli guidelines on access to the Occupied West Bank for foreigners threaten to further isolate Palestinians, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said today. The guidelines came into force in October 2022 and were amended in December 2022, setting out detailed procedures for West Bank entry and residency for foreigners, a process distinct from the procedure for entry to Israel. The new guidelines codify and tighten long-standing restrictions. According to HRW, the guidelines threaten to make it even harder for Palestinians in the West Bank, who already face severe Israeli-imposed movement restrictions, to be with family members who lack a West Bank ID and to engage with foreign students, academics, experts and others. “By making it harder for people to spend time in the West Bank, Israel is taking yet another step towards turning the West Bank into another Gaza, where two million Palestinians have lived virtually sealed off from the outside world for over 15 years,” said Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East Director at Human Rights Watch. “This policy is designed to weaken the social, cultural, and intellectual ties that Palestinians have tried to maintain with the outside world.” HRW interviewed 13 people who detailed difficulties they have faced for years entering or remaining in the West Bank and their concerns about how the new guidelines will affect them. The rights group also interviewed Israeli lawyers who have represented those challenging the restrictions. Those interviewed include an American psychologist teaching at a Palestinian university, a British mother of two trying to remain with her Palestinian husband and family and a Palestinian who has lived most of his life in the West Bank but does not have an ID. The new restrictions were used to block Human Rights Watch’s Israel and Palestine director Omar Shakir from entering the West Bank. Shakir was denied a permit to enter the West Bank for one week to conduct research and advocacy. Everyone Human Rights Watch interviewed described major bureaucratic obstacles to remain legally in the West Bank and the impact of the restrictions on their lives. An American businesswoman married to a Palestinian, who has lived in the West Bank for over a decade and asked that her name be withheld for fear of retaliation, said she had to leave her young children behind and stay abroad for several weeks in 2019 after her visa was denied. She said the stress and hardship led her to “break down in sobs in front of my son’s school as I dropped him off, not knowing whether I would see him again.” Her visa was reinstated only after diplomats intervened. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ6IMwXP3Gc[/embed] (MEMO, PC) [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.palestinechronicle.com - Palestina

Myanmar authorities detain the U.K.’s former ambassador to the country : NPR

Bron: news.google.com Myanmar , 2023-01-21 14: 08: 39 , myanmarnews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] Myanmar authorities have detained a British former ambassador and her Burmese husband, a senior military officer in the capital, Naypyidaw, confirmed. In a statement released late Thursday, Myanmar's military said Vickie Bowman and her husband, former political prisoner and artist Htein Lin, are being detained for immigration offenses. Earlier in the day, a senior military source said Bowman had been detained for sending information to the group Justice for Myanmar and others opposed to military rule. Representatives from Justice for Myanmar emphatically denied the allegation as "false" and said the group has never had contact with Bowman. It called for the couple's release and for the release of all those detained by the "illegal junta." Bowman served as ambassador to Myanmar from 2002-2006 and currently is the director at the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business. Her husband Htein Lin is one of Myanmar's most famous artists and is a veteran activist. He has previously spent time in prison for his opposition to an earlier junta. The military leadership in Myanmar overthrew the elected civilian government in early 2021, jailing many senior members of the government, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Australian economist Sean Turnell, an adviser to Suu Kyi, was arrested days after last year's coup and is being tried along with her on several charges. The military junta has also clamped down on press freedoms. American journalist Danny Fenster was sentenced to 11 years in November for incitement and other offenses but was released days later and allowed to leave the country. In August of this year, a Japanese journalist was detained in the country and charged with violating immigration law and encouraging dissent against the army. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van news.google.com - Myanmar

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s everything you need to know about the Year of the Rabbit

Bron: www.dailymail.co.uk Macau , 2023-01-21 14: 06: 05 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on Sunday, heralding the start of the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth sign in the 12-animal zodiac.Lasting until February 9, 2024, the year will celebrate the symbolically significant mammals; known for their deftness, cautiousness and competitive nature in Chinese culture.This makes those born in the year of the rabbit - the most recent years being 2011, 1999, 1987 and 1975 - known for their razor-sharp wit, quick mind and intelligence.In East Asia, these animals are also often associated with the moon and purity of life.  As Chinese Lunar New Year begins tomorrow, it will start the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth sign in the 12-animal zodiac. Pictured, a department store in Taipei, ahead of the Lunar New YearThese qualities can be traced back to the origin story thought to have created the Chinese zodiac, in which 12 animals were challenged with a race to the gates of heaven.According to China Highlights, the tale began with the Jade Emperor (considered Heaven's ruler) wanting a dozen guards.Word soon spread into the mortal realm, where the living were advised that the sooner one reached the gates, the better their ranking would be. Hence, the fierce competition began. First place went to the whip-smart rat, who, knowing it couldn't physically measure up to its competitors, snuck into the ear of the ox. The year, which will last until February 9, 2024, will celebrate the symbolically significant mammals. Pictured, celebrations of the Lunar New Year in Bangkok, ThailandThis didn't trouble the diligent and hardworking ox, who carried on towards the goal, and was outwitted by its passenger.The rat jumped out just before the pair reached the gates, securing its first place title with the ox in tow.Next came the tiger and rabbit - both signs renowned for the fiercely competitive spirits. The striped jungle cat ultimately raced ahead because it was faster, but the rabbit can be credited for its creative problem-solving skills which earned it fourth place. In East Asia, these animals are also often associated with the moon and purity of life. Pictured, a little girl enjoying Lunar New Year festivities in ShanghaiWhen faced with a river, it used what they had to its advantage, hopping on stones and floating on logs to make its way across. However, the symbolic animal's competitive spirit has also in lore been criticised. ChineseNewYear.net explains that, in a version of the story, one of the reasons the rabbit wasn't higher up in the race was due to its arrogance.So sure of its speed, the mammal didn't set off until the afternoon while other competitors left in the morning - such as the ox, which the rabbit was always said to tease and look down upon. Despite the rabbit's vivacious spirit in lore, those born in the year are often considered to be soft-spoken, gentle and pure - much like an adorable bunny. Chinese culture and language site CLI however explains that... Lees meer

The Macau recovery is showing more signs of heating up

Bron: news.google.com Macau , 2023-01-21 13: 30: 21 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] greenleaf123 Analysts are cautiously optimistic that Q1 will see some normalized Chinese and Hong Kong visitation trends into Macau after three years of COVID disruption. Several firms have pointed to strong hotel bookings for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays and improvement in January with visitation and gross gaming revenue for the gambling center. Morgan Stanley forecasts Macau’s January casino gross gaming revenue could be 7.75B patacas ($962.6M), which would be about 31% of the pre-pandemic trading level in 2019. Notably, the firm expects 85% of GGR for January to be from the mass market. JPMorgan also said it saw further improvement in weekly GGR in Macau for its latest read in January. Based on JP's checks, GGR for the first 15 days of January was at a daily run rate of 285M to 290M patacas. "This suggests the GGR run-rate has improved further to MOP310 million-plus last week (January 9-15) as the impact from full border re-opening (January 8) has kicked in… despite the softer seasonality (i.e., lull period in between New Year and Lunar New Year holidays)," noted the analyst team. JP's forecasts convert to a 35% to 40% recovery in Macau GGR to the pre-COVID comparable. Goldman Sachs also pointed to improving trends in Macau following the border re-opening on January 8. For the Chinese New Year that starts on January 22, the firm forecasts a 50% to 60% GGR recovery from the 2019 comparable. Jefferies also weighed in on Macau. "Over the past week, there has been a notable shift in sentiment and momentum for the market recovery in Macau heading into CNY. Although anecdotal data points have indicated room bookings are tight and at historically high rates, the indications for GGR have been more muted," updated analyst David Katz. The Jefferies view is that investors may overlook valuation and focus more on the news and data flow when sizing up the sector. Looking ahead, new casino openings from SJM Holdings, Galaxy Entertainment, and Studio City could also boost gaming revenue at some point this year. Macau casino stocks: Wynn Macau (OTCPK:WYNMF, OTCPK:WYNMY), Wynn Resorts (WYNN), Sands China (OTCPK:SCHYY, OTCPK:SCHYF), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), MGM China (OTCPK:MCHVF, OTCPK:MCHVY). MGM Resorts (MGM), Galaxy Entertainment (OTCPK:GXYEF), SJM Holdings (OTCPK:SJMHF, OTCPK:SJMHY), Melco Resorts & Entertainment (MLCO), Studio City International (MSC). Sector watch: Macau casino revenue fell 51% in 2022 but watch Las Vegas Sands, Wynn and Melco for 2023 rebound. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van news.google.com - Macau

Russians Brave the Cold for Frozen Epiphany Swim

Bron: www.themoscowtimes.com Rusland , 2023-01-19 14: 10: 54 , The Moscow Times - Independent News From Russia [ad_1] Each year on Jan. 19, Russians celebrate the holiday of the Epiphany, which commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan, by dipping into frigid rivers, ponds and lakes across the country.According to tradition, one must dip below the water's surface three times to symbolize the Holy Trinity.The Kremlin said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the yearly tradition — but did not release photos or videos of his icy dip as it has done in the past.Here's a look at some of the Russians who braved the cold this year: [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.themoscowtimes.com - Rusland

The secret to good health? Try meditating like a Buddhist monk

Bron: www.dailymail.co.uk Macau , 2023-01-18 22: 11: 37 , macaunews.net latest rss headlines [ad_1] Advocates hail meditation for boosting mood and wellbeing.But now scientists say the practice can boost levels of 'good' bacteria in the gut and bring an array of mental and physical health benefits.Researchers in China assessed the gut microbiome and blood samples of Tibetan monks and compared them to locals who followed a similar diet but didn't meditate.Monks had more microbes linked with a lower risk of anxiety, depression and heart disease and a stronger immune system.   Researchers in China assessed the gut microbiome and blood samples of Tibetan monks and compared them to locals who followed a similar diet but didn't meditate. Results showed that monks had higher levels of microbes linked with a lower risk of anxiety, depression and heart disease and a stronger immune system. Pictured: Tibetan Monks attend prayers at the temple Tsuglag Khang in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India in 2015 What is the gut microbiome? The gut microbiome is the name for the trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, that live in the intestines.Each person's microbiome is unique.Its composition is dictated by genes, diet and the environment. It affects digestion, the immune system, hormones and mood. The microbes in the microbiome are mainly 'good' but some can promote diseases.Among healthy people, these bugs coexist and don't cause problems.But this balance can be disturbed by a poor diet, prolonged antibiotic use and illness, which can leave the body more susceptible to disease.Experts believe diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and multiple sclerosis are influenced by processes in the gut microbiome.The findings suggest that meditation plays a 'positive role' in mental and physical health by boosting gut health, the team said.Research has shown that the gut microbiome — the trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi in the intestines — is linked with mood and health through the gut-brain axis.Meditation is an 'inner mental exercise' that has been shown to boost physical and mental health. It tends to involve sitting silently and paying attention to the sensation of breathing — and bringing attention back to this whenever the mind starts to wander.Tibetan Buddhist meditation, which originated from ancient Indian Ayurveda — an alternative medicine system — exercises the mind to 'allow self-regulation of the body to cultivate well-being and provide insights into the true nature of all phenomena', the researchers said.However, researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in Shanghai noted that it remains unclear whether meditation alone affects the gut microbiome.In a bid to find out, they analysed stool and blood samples of 37 Tibetan Buddhist monks from three temples and compared it to 19 non-religious residents in neighbouring areas. The monks had been meditating for at least two hours each day for between three and 30 years. They either followed Samatha meditation — which concentrates the mind by focusing attention on a single object or mantra — or Vipassana, which sees monks think about 'the true nature of all phenomena'.Meanwhile, the control group did none.Both groups were matched for age,... Lees meer

The present and persistent problem of domestic violence in Georgia

Bron: tol.org Oezbekistan , 2023-01-18 19: 31: 39 , Transitions [ad_1] One in seven women has experienced domestic violence in Georgia during their lifetime, according to a 2018 report by UN Women. While activists note the country is making progress fighting the problem, a deadly mix of cultural taboos and limited resources complicate the reform.  Most recently, the debate on domestic violence was reignited when a woman was gruesomely murdered by her husband in November 2022. Image via Mika Baumeister under Unsplach license. Tackling domestic abuse has been a challenge in part because traditionally, Georgian police see abuse as a family problem, not a legal matter. Baia Pataraia, a human rights lawyer who helped bring about the first legal reform that criminalized domestic violence in Georgia, notes that for the first two years, neither the police nor the courts were interested in investigating or prosecuting cases. But that changed in 2014 when there was a spike in the number of women killed by their abusers. The murders sent a shock through the system. “It was kind of like a new wave of feminism,” Pataraia, the head of Sapari, a women’s organization, recalls. “After that, we already were able to adopt different regulations and laws which were necessary for effective investigation and so far, we have quite well-developed legislation.” As the manager of a shelter for abused women and their children in the capital, Tbilisi, Gvantsa Bakradze has seen the impact of Georgia’s evolving efforts to tackle domestic violence firsthand. Gvantsa manages the St. Barbara Mother and Child Care Center, one of several privately owned women’s shelters in the country. “Even in terms of legislation, lots of things changed,” she notes, adding she is optimistic about the future because of the improvements which emphasized the importance of dealing with domestic violence — there is even a change in how the women who seek refuge view themselves and their situation.” “I see that women are really strong. They come, deal with lots of problems and, in most cases, have success. They manage to build their lives. I don’t think that this process will somehow be reversed,” Bakradze said. At the shelter, which is run by the Catholic charity Caritas, there is a sense of calm: stuffed animals dot the living room, the smell of home cooking drifts in from the kitchen, and women chat and take care of their babies together. They are safe for now.”Access to shelters is a major part of tackling domestic abuse: women victims of domestic violence are often financially dependent on their abusers and do not have the means to find new housing. The availability of the shelters varies in different regions of Georgia, however, as funding is not equally available.” The Georgian state funds five shelters around the country. It also runs five crisis centers, where women can reside until they find another place to stay. In addition, a state-run emergency number exists to provide information and help to victims of violence. Georgia’s State Care Agency... Lees meer

A chance to rekindle the rivalry

Bron: www.thesundaily.my Maleisië , 2023-01-18 16: 25: 36 , Highlights [ad_1] RIYADH: The rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo dominated football for more than a decade and the world will on Thursday get the chance to see another contest between the Portuguese and Argentine, which may not be the last time they face each other. After 20 years in Europe’s top leagues, Ronaldo has taken his talents to Saudi Arabian side Al-Nassr after his contract with Manchester United was terminated and ironically his first match in the Middle East will be against his age-old rival. Messi’s Paris St Germain take on a combined Al Hilal-Al Nassr team in an exhibition match, giving Ronaldo and Messi a chance to rekindle their old ‘El Clasico’ rivalry when they played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. With nothing for Messi left to prove in Europe or on the international stage, there is also speculation that Al Hilal want to bring the 35-year-old to Saudi Arabia when his PSG contract expires at the end of the season. Mohammed Al-Jadaan, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Finance, had recently indicated that the door was open for moves by Saudi clubs to try and sign both of soccer’s biggest stars. “Well we talked about that before and the quality of life is a critical part of the 2030 vision and quality of life in Saudi has improved, sports is a significant part of that,“ he told CNBC when asked about Ronaldo or Messi moving to the country. “The young population of Saudi watch sports and perform sports and anything we can do to enhance this industry will pay back and improve the quality of life not only for our people but for the working people from outside.” Messi and Ronaldo won every Ballon d’Or award from 2008-2017 until Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric broke their hegemony and the Argentine has since won two more to lead 7-5 over his Portuguese rival in the race to be the world’s best player. When the pair first faced off in 2008 as young upstarts looking to make their mark, Manchester United and Barcelona played out a 0-0 draw in the Champions League. Since then they have never both been involved in a goalless draw for their clubs and national teams in memorable matches with millions tuning in to witness the greats in their prime. The spotlight was on the pair at the World Cup in Qatar last year but whereas Ronaldo faded and was left out of Portugal’s starting lineup in the knockout stages as they were eliminated in the quarter-finals, Messi went on to lift the trophy. Messi became the first player ever to score in every round at a World Cup and finished with seven goals as he completed his trophy collection and was named player of the tournament. Should the Argentine move to Saudi Arabia, Thursday’s encounter between the sport’s two biggest stars of the modern era could signal the dawn of a new age in Asian... Lees meer

Universities, Don’t Silence Critics of Israel: On the Termination of Kenneth Roth by Harvard

Bron: www.palestinechronicle.com Palestina , 2023-01-17 17: 13: 56 , Articles Archives - Palestine Chronicle [ad_1] Former director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth. (Photo: Kuhlmann / MSC, via Wikimedia Commons) By Paul SalvatoriIf you’ve been closely following coverage of how Israeli ideologues censor pro-Palestinian voices you’ve likely heard by now of former Human Rights Watch executive director, Kenneth Roth.  In recent weeks he’s received considerable media attention for unfairly being axed from his fellowship post at Harvard’s Kennedy School (specifically the school’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy), on account of him—as any person of conscience would—taking issue with Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinian people. In a recent piece for The Guardian where he discusses his termination, Roth sheds light on this: “The Carr Center called me up to say sheepishly that [Douglas] Elmendorf [dean of the Kennedy School] had vetoed my fellowship. He told Professor Kathryn Sikkink [confirmed by Sikkink herself], a highly respected human rights scholar affiliated with the Kennedy School, that the reason was my, and Human Rights Watch’s, criticism of Israel.” In a sense, this is nothing new. Israeli ideologues have for long constantly been making efforts, and unfortunately often with success, to shut down Palestinian voices in schools, government and mainstream media. This is part of the larger business, as it were, they are involved in: the suppression of the truth (past and present) of both Palestine and Israeli alike.  So long as they are able to achieve and maintain such suppression, the public is less likely to find out about what Israel, for decades at least, has been doing to Palestine—not for the purposes of “security” but to ethnically cleanse the nation entirely. Among a list of Israeli crimes against humanity, this involves Israel’s routine bombing of Gaza, the demolition of Palestinian homes and properties in the West Bank, arbitrary arrests of Palestinian children and then depriving them any access to justice (e.g. fair legal representation).  New at least to me, however, is what dawned on me in studying the media coverage of Roth.  When Palestinian voices are silenced on account of Israeli interference, relatively little is said in that coverage about Palestine itself. I noticed this for example in pieces, albeit well-written, such as those published by The Crimson, The Washington Post and two produced by The Guardian (last January 6 and January 8). Most of what they address is Israeli interference—financially and otherwise—to shut down Palestinian voices.  The question remains, however: what does such interference mean for Palestine itself, as well as more broadly the international struggle for Palestinian justice? It’s important that all media, whether mainstream or alternative, weigh more the question and go to some lengths to answer it. At this point it’s surely obvious that Israeli interference, whether successful or not, aims to routinely silence Palestinian voices. Likewise, and related to this, it’s no mystery that this unfairly compromises freedom of speech and, when we are talking about universities more specifically, academic inquiry.  As American philosopher and political thinker,... Lees meer

Remove the incentives that breed plagiarism

Bron: www.taipeitimes.com Taiwan , 2023-01-16 02: 00: 00 , Taipei Times [ad_1] Two of the most debated issues within the nation’s higher education system in the past few months have been plagiarism and degree programs. In collaboration with the National Central Library, the Ministry of Education has allocated funding to establish a plagiarism check system, which it is encouraging universities to use. However, that system has limitations, but there are ways to make it more effective. First, the Degree Conferral Act (學位授予法) should be amended to better meet the needs of students in professional practice master’s programs to deter cheating. Compared with Europe and the US, Taiwan’s master’s requirements are too rigid, with students having to submit a thesis or a report to graduate. Under Article 7 of the Degree Conferral Act, students in “a professional practice master’s program” can submit a “professional practice report instead of a thesis.” That appears fair and flexible, but Article 8 still requires that a degree examination committee evaluate the report. In other words, the evaluation would still be academically focused. For students looking to put their knowledge to use in the workplace, the regulation is not to their advantage. No wonder some students try to find a ghostwriter or simply copy and paste material to complete their theses, which has severely damaged the credibility of Taiwan’s master’s degrees. The act should be amended so that working students can choose other ways to meet the requirements. Second, master’s degree diplomas and those of other graduate-level programs should be clearly distinguished. When the non-master’s degree programs were created, they were meant for students who wanted to pursue further education alongside their jobs. The diplomas they receive were meant to be different from those of master’s programs. After students with these degrees protested, claiming discrimination, the two kinds of diplomas have become almost the same. It is undeniable that the admission and graduation requirements of these non-master’s graduate programs are less stringent. Over the past decade, more such programs have been created, and more people have been conferred these degrees, but the value of the diplomas have become questionable. Third, a mechanism of strict review should be established along with a set of disciplinary regulations. To prevent plagiarism, each university has its own check system and review standards, but so far they have not functioned effectively. For example, if some master’s or doctoral students decide not to publish their theses or dissertations, there would be no easy way to review them to prevent plagiarism. The ministry should ask each university to institute a system that would make theses and dissertations (except those on sensitive topics) open to the public. At the same time, once a thesis or a dissertation is found to have contravened academic ethics, not only should the student be held responsible, but also their advisers, who could be fined and forced to advise fewer students. Moreover, schools should limit the number of students admitted to that master’s program. Receiving a degree requires more... Lees meer